Fashion Is Instant Language.

— Muiccia Prada.

I was born in 1980, I grew up with a different way to consume fashion to the following generation, but similar to the one that had gone before. Magazines were the dominant force, they were all we had, shelves packed with different titles, from the global to the small. It was how we learned fashion, the pages we flicked were our education, each month we absorbed, ingested and took in the world we lusted to join.

Then came the true changing of the fashion world, after decades of resolute sameness the internet came, and then it birthed social media. Within a decade the self-publishing revolution had made broadcasters of us all, able to post a comment or pic to our audiences without hesitation or delay. The monthly cycle was replaced with the Instagram image, the twitter post and the blog round up. The democratisation of fashion was happening at a pace that nobody could believe.

But amongst the rise of the stunning rise of individual content creators, the OOTD’s and the personal shoots something was lost for me.

The stories are disappearing, the culture of magazines was built as much on imagery as writing, and in the new world, the connection to the content became the person in it. Blogs by their nature have to centre on the blogger, and there are many incredible bloggers out there that I both read and admire, they produce beautiful and well-written content, but by its essence any subject matter is seen through their eyes, and their loves, hates, and interactions. I’ll also be providing my voice and thoughts within UnEstablishment, as those that know me will tell you, I have plenty to say.

But I still found myself searching more and more for a perspective from designers, it was something I found my writing turning to more and more, and so over time I felt the itch to break the shackles of structure at the magazines I work with, (though I’ve loved every minute with them and will continue to do so). The answer came to me more and more, alongside that do what you love for yourself and so I am.

Let’s see how it goes!!!

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