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Give me time, and I’ll give you a revolution

Alexander McQueen

My passion is two-fold when it comes to writing, the first is getting to have my voice, and share it, the second is helping people tell the story of themselves.

I spend my days composing articles, sometimes hundreds a week, but only in my head, few reach the physical or digital page. My constant stream of ideas, thoughts and opinions needed an outlet and so at the age of 31, actually the day I turned 31, I decided to become a writer, I’ve never looked back. I tried a few paths, some were Cul-De-Sacs, some muddy tracks and others that brought me here today.

I shifted away from selecting clothes, I hated trend reports, shopping pages and the like, I’m terrible at them and have no talent for producing them. I leaned over the years what I was good at and what I wanted to do.

UnEstablishment is a reflection of that journey.

My opinions take forms outside of my control, perhaps when I started writing about fashion my frustration bore out in angry diatribes about elites, about the nature of the industry and the people in it, but over nearly a decade now I’ve channelled that. While I’ve never been a deliberately controversial I’ve learned to create my views and curate them in a more thought out way.

UnEstablishment will be somewhere to explore the questions, the beliefs and the internal monologues that make up my fashion thoughts.

Secondly, it’s going to be a space to do the interviews I want to do, it’s going to be a space where along with those who have ideas & statements that need air can be given freedom. I’ve always held that good interviews don’t come from set questions, they come from the interviewee themselves.

It’s their story, they need to tell it.

It’s about listening to them, finding the inner soul of those I’m writing about. It’s hearing them exploring. I hope that through the interviews in UnEstablishment I’ll be able to create a canvas on which new explorations of identity and personality can be created.

I trust you all as an audience not just to be readers, but to be critics, directors and developers of where all this goes, it’s a conversation between us. I’ve never felt writing should be about talking to a million people at once, for as the greatest broadcaster of all time Terry Wogan once said when asked about how he tries to connect with his audience,

“I don’t see them as 8 million listeners, I see them as individuals”.

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