It’s almost London Fashion Week and I’ve been thinking about personalities and people who’ll be there, and about how preconceived ideas are entrenched so by their very definition they become the norm as people moderate their behaviour by the perceptions they inherit prior to entering the industry.

We all at some point within us have a need to belong to something, but does the image of “fashion” dictate how we respond within the bubble of the industry, or how people react to people from within the industry.

Along the way culture has shaped some of that perception, from Ab Fab to Miranda Priestly ideas of either the vapid, the vain or the downright awful have been seared into our collective memory. The stereotype has been crafted in the fire of mass media and then been projected into the behaviour of some.

But by and large this hasn’t been my experience this pastiche is just that, a caricature of the perverse that isn’t true of the industry. While I couldn’t deny there are those that do live up to it, the industry is full of warm, caring and passionate people, they exist beyond the myth.

In life as in fashion, there will always be the terrible, but it doesn’t dictate the norm. However as a counterpoint it could be said that some are attracted to the image they have been shown, they revel in it and desire it, fame by notoriety is still fame.

Could this be the barrier that divides fashion from its potential as an inclusive mass movement? Has the narrative become so embedded that through gifs & meme’s it becomes the currency of interaction?

Its time to claim back the true nature of fashion, to throw off the shackles of the imagined and show a different side, the one I know of the passionate, the hard-working professional, and of course the friendships.

Photo by Alex Iby on Unsplash

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