A warm September afternoon, I’m in Victoria House, the new home of Fashion Scout, a fixture in the London Fashion Week calendar for many years and always a great place to see designers. It’s swelteringly hot and the music is pumping as I head backstage to meet with Rocky Star, the Mumbai based fashion entrepreneur who includes a restaurant, and home furnishings in his 360-degree vision of his label.

The designer is famous for being outgoing and dressing some of the worlds biggest stars including Beyonce & Priyanka Chopra as well as creating looks for over 300 Bollywood films.

So, of course, the first question had to be how does he manage it all?

“It’s exciting, it’s challenging, but I love the challenge. The whole idea is that I’m pretty well organised and I plan much of it in advance so that I can manage everything. I have a very good team working with me and its all about how we work”.

I’ve learned over many seasons of interviewing Rocky that he is one of the happiest people in the industry, not for him the dour stereotype of moody brooding or faux angst, no, he is a man that meets you with warmth and beaming smile. His enjoyment of what he does remains a resolute part of his personal identity and that of his designs, I put this to him,

“I think the best thing is to keep a great energy going all the time, and that’s the only way to move forward”.


We couldn’t do an interview without mentioning the collection, and so I delved into that a bit more. I found it interesting that while this was still the joyous celebration of life and the party vibes continue that there was a new Rocky emerging within the fabrics and colour choices?

“I wanted to go a little easy on summer because it has to be the whole idea is having a great time in the evening. I wanted to get inspired by my culture in India. The prints are old 18th-century prints, but the idea was to be in your skin, enjoy life and be easy.

I do use a lot of blacks, that’s my signature colour, I wanted to bring the ivory in with the fuchsia because that’s the point of inspiration, I got inspired by the flowers”.

With that, it was time to let the queue of other journalists and well-wishers have their moment with the designer. As I took a few moments outside in the park opposite the venue before my next show I wrote up my notes, as I look back at them now I can see those initial thoughts on the collection. I’d underlined the words “perfect evolution” and I think that is the best summing up I could end with, it really was.

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