Are we singular or multiple, the question that pervades the human conscious, a subject Ilaria Lepore explores within the latest collection Double Exposure. The collection of mixed fabrics is dark, the entire tonal palate is black, perhaps a note to the shadowy recesses of our minds where the unspoken thoughts we all hold play?

The softness adds a gentleness, perhaps the other side of a personality, in our choices we flit between kindness and warmth we show on occasion and harshness, jagged and torn like that more primordial set of emotions.

In the theatre of this simple yet utterly and wonderfully complex collection are questions, so so many questions.

These looks have conjured two competing ideas in my head, the darkness of the funereal yet elements of ballet or performance dance, the world is a stage that these acolytes of Hades would pirouette across, leaping, twirling and contorting as is want of our emotional state as we travel through the day.

It’s hard to feel you know and understand this collection and in that is its brilliance, it’s like a Rubik’s Cube of competing ideas, each face changing, edging close to conformity before a turn takes it off into the random. It lets you impose your will upon it before redirecting you.

Quite frankly it’s clever and beautiful and I can’t wait to head to Brick Lane for another look.

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