Bright, bold, positive, that was THISNORTHAT the label from design duo Yubo LIn & Li Chen Tan.

It’s interesting that they’ve chosen this name for their collaboration, as it underplays the brilliance with which they bring their skills into each others design ethos, Li Chen in the technical and the detailed and Yubo in the flamboyant and colourful. Rather than THISNORTHAT it is much more the greatest of both, as with the best design duo’s it’s easy to see that working as a collective is challenging them to bring the best out in each other, but in a balance that allows both to flourish.

This is a collection that is a bright bustling ode to joy, it screams lightness and energetic while swaying between the functional and the playful. Don’t be mislead though, this isn’t a collection that strays into the twee, oh no, this is a wearable poem to spring, summer and the party spirit of hot days and dancing to loud music.

As someone who maintains a position as a die-hard and valiant defender of wearable fashion, this is exactly the type of collection I like to see at fashion week, its full of statement pieces and tones, it has great lines and any of these models could have walked out of Fashion Scout and into London’s West End and been the look people turned their head to see.

THISNORTHAT is definitely something, its FUNANDBRILLIANT.

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