True fashion leaders ignore trends, trends are presented as something that’s happened, leaders are either projectors of the future or isolated from anything but their own sense of direction and desire.

It could be said that fashion leaders wield disproportionate power, they are the true influencers, they are showing you what has been created as the Morden version so often is, they are the creators of movements through their designs or styling.

They become followed, copied, reproduced, they consciously or unconsciously set the agenda, in that lies the power of narrative creation and control.

People talk about fashion and style as generational far too often, it’s not generational it’s all about movements, some movements can last decades, some come and go in months. You can’t say where one generation ends and one starts, there are no cut off dates for who is a boomer, Gen X, Gen Z or a millennial.

The movements also adapt, led by those who don’t follow a trend but claim ownership of a style movement, the choices of The Sex Pistols, The Clash, X-Ray Specs and Green Day are all punk but each is couched in its own feel and identity.

The thread that binds them, and all other movements in fashion is the individualism that birthed them. On my own belief that fashion must be about individualism, creativity and identity I can think of no greater reason to make 2020 the year we reject trends and view everything in our wardrobes through a lens of self expression. 

I know I will be.

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