Photo by NordWood Themes on Unsplash

Welcome to the journal, where I’ll be recording my life, thoughts and ideas to share with you.

When I decided to create a space that was about words, and my little corner to do the writing that I wasn’t going to pitch to people I talked a lot about a return to a less image focused way of communicating, and perhaps in these posts as the years go on i’ll show more of myself than I ever would through Instagram and without the moral vacuum of Twitter.

As someone who shields a lot despite the perception I’m very giving of myself, it is with a certain nervousness that I lay bare before you so much of my identity, my sense of purpose and the inner thoughts that keep me awake, excited or emotional in equal measure.

I also hope that as time goes on it gives some insight into the life of a fashion writer, albeit one who rarely fits the ideas, processes and machinations of the industry, and of course the big adventure that lays ahead once I can like the melancholic grey skies of this island with all that I love, a good cafe, unwrapped chips eaten on a walk home, the throb of a pub, and so much more that I’ll be exchanging for another island. An island I barely know, but yet have such a relationship with at the same time, an island of heat, colour and new adventures.

Perhaps one day I’ll even describe to you in some James Joyce style monologue the beautiful life changing food that is Stinky Tofu.

But as for a thought for today, lean into love, it’s all we have.

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