How many times a day do you hear someone say they are busy in a reply to how are you?

It’s become a weird routine entrenched in the industry and one I’m going to try and break the habit of, busy has become short hand for much more than a state of affairs, so often know it’s a defence of position, a signal that we’re still needed, or that we remain relevant. It’s also a hallmark of an industry that at times doesn’t value it’s creatives as much as it should, we’re busy because we have to take on more work than we’d want to keep the bills paid.

But it is, to return to the narrative, a brag. I’ve been guilty of it, using it to show my own prowess, but as I sit today I wonder why we’re made to think that busy is a proud state of affairs, why would we be so happy to say we’re doing more than we know we should, after all the very word itself implies more activity than we would desire.

Why do I, or you dear reader, need to validate ourselves to each other this way, why do we fear saying we haven’t got a lot on, that we’re on a slow turn at the moment. We can’t express the joy of resting in the same way we can being on a treadmill of effort.

I want to slow down, I want time to do a few things really well, I don’t want to be cranking out articles with my keyboard rattling like a muted typewriter, I want to answer how are you with “I’m doing bugger all and it’s brilliant”, the joy of life being embraced.

No longer will I believe that rushing about, or at least telling people I am, is good for my mental health. Sometimes creativity comes from a good stare out the window with a pot of tea, a staggeringly large amount of my articles have been composed in my head as I amble along on a good old stroll.

I’m swapping the busy brag for an honest truth, I’m doing all I need and I’m good with that.

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