It was a quiet day today, no great musings or thoughts, just a bit of writing, working through some press releases that may have interesting avenues to follow up on and some that aren’t.

There is one thing to be said for the digital age, the sheer volume of communications sent out each day requesting coverage would fell forests in minutes if we still did it in print. I sometimes feel bad that I only skim read them, but its impossible to read all of the 30 or 40 that arrive each day and I would be taking on a task worthy of Sisyphus himself if I tried to respond to even half.

I do often wonder if people look at what they are paying for, the quality of the communique and the list it’s sent to. Today for instance I had emails about music and I have never ever written about music, science news, interesting but not my beat and automotive stuff.

I wonder in the client reports if there is a moment when a voice says, “ok you sent to 500 people, but how many were . . . “

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