UnEstablishment was founded on the principle that fashion is so much more than just glossy editorials, fancy outfits for runway shows and the idea that it can only be about the visual.

At a time when that visual centre has become the norm UnEstablishment seeks to be a reaction to it, with images created via words, it’s about telling stories and looking at issues as part of a conversation.

Each UnEstablishment reader is invited to add their own opinions, their own takes and their own thoughts to any discussion, after all what would the creative arts be without critical thinking, per review and evolution of ideas by trial?

We also seek to look past the collections and garments and seek an understanding of those that create clothes, accessories, images and all the other elements of the world.

We will of course look at collections and the products of creativity but it will be through the perspective of the producer not just the product. The what was trying to be said is as important as what was viewed.